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Retain Us Now
We are very excited to announce a new service:  annual retainer!
Folks who select this option will receive the following benefts:
  1. 10% off the hourly rate for Gary Cunha;
  2. One free 30 minute consultation every 4 months (3 per year*)
  3. One free email correspondence with Gary Cunha per month (12 per year*)
  4. Priority access to scheduling appointments whenever possible
* unused consults/emails expire
The fee for this service is a very reasonable $100 per month!
For a very limited time we are offering the first 20 the option of saving more than 50% - a one time payment of $500.00 will pay for an entire year.  That is a $700.00 annual savings!
Please contact us at 254-752-4279 or by email gary@752gary.com to sign up.
Waco Texas Attorney and Counselor at Law